When I was 14, my father bought me a Triumph Adler, with CPM operating system and a 5 1/4 floppy disk drive, something a bit rich at that time. I started writing in Basic the tests that came out on Topolino (Mickey Mouse) a weekly magazine… the application consisted in asking a few questions to the user and then give back the test result. Who would have thought that this would be the beginning of a professional career?

At that time I was at the high school and played with many other friends with the Amiga, Commodore, Spectrum... what a great time !

The real career begans just after graduating in Electrical Engineering at the University of Bologna in 1995. A few time for the National Service and just after 6 months I got my fist job as programmer.

My first job was at Etere, a software company that produces systems for the broadcasting industry and has customers spread all over the world. There I made software for a lot of broadcasters such as RAI (the national state TV in Italy), Mediaset (the 2nd broadcaster in Italy), Viacom and many other... sometime they bought the product as-was, sometime we had to do some custom development to tailor the product for their needs.

During this period I've used so many technologies and several languages... C++, Delphi, C#, SQL just to cite the most commonly used.

Playing in a broadcast environment is a "distributed and coordinated" work, so it learned a lot about Soft-RealTime Systems, Distributed Programming, Network Programming, Audio and Video handling, Concurrency, Devices Controlling... and a lot of other very-low-level topics I liked very much ! But clearly all of this must be presented to the user... so UI/UX was part of the job either !

I quitted the job in 2017, after more than 20 years there, because I wanted to try something new on my own.

So I've found a new company called SAPIS (link here: http://www.sapis.it/ ) with other three guys. Sapis produces Visir, a software that assists companies in cashflows forecasting, we think that strategic and market choices cannot be separated from proper management of financial resources. Something quite different from before ! That's the beauty of programming ! You can program something for an entirely different business domain and still find something new to learn !

Since I don't like to stay still... I collaborate also with Tecla System (link here: https://www.teclasystem.com/ ) a startup in the media, they produce their own MAM system (Media Asset Management) and have a lot of cool software for doing cool things such as media streaming on the internet, playout automation for TVs and many more. This is a field much more like the one I've worked for many years... that's why they called me !

What I like of Tecla System is that they really are how a new-tech company should be: they have a young, talented and forward-thinking crew, the working environment is a top priority, and they have a flat-hierarchy organization that allows for great flexibility and speed... just to say that when the Italian government declared the covid-19 lockdown, they took 3 hours to switch all th company from office to smart-working !

That's it ! of course I have other interests... you can find them exploring the site!

Here a link to my Linkedin Page . I don't have any other social media profile, feel free to write me if you want.

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Last modified: April 12, 2020